Classification of cold heading dies for the hottes

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Forging technology: classification of cold heading dies

cold heading dies according to the customs of our country, the sequential upsetting dies are divided into two categories: cold heading rod-shaped parts and cold heading nut parts. In addition, there are common blanks and manufacturing threads. Today, we will share the relevant data tools of the torque testing equipment for 1 and 5 metal tools

the dies for cold heading rod-shaped parts are mainly used to produce rivets, screws, bolts, small shafts and other parts. The main types of dies include initial heading punch combination, final heading punch combination, upsetting die combination, trimming punch combination in Europe, trimming die combination, etc

the dies for cold heading nut parts are mainly used to produce hollow parts such as nuts, spark plugs, spring seat rings, etc. The commonly used mold parts include: shaping punch combination, shaping concave die combination, heading ball punch combination, heading ball concave die combination, heading hexagonal punch combination, heading hexagonal concave die combination, punching punch combination and punching concave die combination

in order to facilitate processing, save die materials, improve die life and other factors, punch and die are made into a combined form

the lightweight material re opening test software provided by Jin min can be used for experiments.

the requirements for the main varieties of cold heading dies and their part names are shown in Table 1

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