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Supply plastic toolbox

supply plastic toolbox

product supplier: Suzhou Yangming plastic products Co., Ltd.

[introduction to plastic toolbox]

again, the part that drives the motion of the sensor, ball screw plastic toolbox

Introduction to plastic toolbox:

1 The use of polymer composites in the field of wind energy is growing. The combined part box can be used overlapped: four supporting pillars can be inserted, which can be overlapped in multiple layers. It is convenient to take things, placed three-dimensional, and saves a lot of space

2 Group arrangement: buckle the connecting slots on the side of the box to form a row, neat and firm

3. Clear marks: each box is equipped with dust-proof mark cover and four-color mark card, which is convenient and clear, and visual management is strengthened

4. The back hanging part box can be hung on the wall or on the hanging board, which saves a lot of space.

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