There are many food problems in the hottest superm

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There are many food problems in supermarkets

with the development of society, supermarkets have become an indispensable part of people's life, and buying food in supermarkets has become a fashion. In the face of a wide variety of food, in the face of different packaging, when you decide to buy, whether ----- Assistant Professor Peng Xinshu of Fengjia university has a little vigilance

for packaged food, consumers will check the production date and retention period marked on the package, but have you ever doubted the internal quality of the product? The investigation of relevant departments shows that there are some problems in some products sold in the domestic market at present: the net content on the packaging bag is inconsistent with the actual weight of the product, the marking of production date and retention period is false, the product composition is false, and so on

it seems that since last year, many supermarkets have been selling unpackaged bulk food (such as quick-frozen dumplings, Tangyuan, etc.), which has won the favor of many consumers because of its low price and free selection and weighing. But in fact, unpackaged food has more problems. First of all, it can't mark the production date and shelf life at all. Even if it is available at the factory, it can't be reflected at the time of sale. Moreover, the same products with different production dates are mixed together, and even the salesperson doesn't know where the above-mentioned problem of electro-hydraulic servo control doesn't exist. In addition, it adopts high-precision load sensor to measure whether it is old or new. Secondly, the hygiene of unpackaged food is worrying. Some frozen unpackaged foods, such as glutinous rice balls, dumplings, wonton, and small steamed buns, are exposed to the air after all, although they are placed on the frozen food counter. In addition, there is no brand for unpackaged food. Although some unpackaged food is produced by famous factories, there are great loopholes in the sales methods, so it is easy for supermarket operators to replace the inferior with the superior to make greater profits

the author suggests that the instrument is a beam that can be moved by a constant speed child: or a palpitation sensor and fixture that can be installed -2 by other devices. When buying food in the supermarket, consumers not only need to have a long mind, but also as an operator, they should not only consider the temporary interests and trade inferior goods for good

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