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The first day of siaf2016 industrial control salon wonderful ppt

the salon has two days of content. This afternoon, we are mainly sports control users who can make robots related by following the above steps

servo product manager of Shenzhen Hexin Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Xu Dajun: bus type motion drive system and application

deputy general manager of Foshan Gugao Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Qiu Tian: application of motion control technology in the field of robots and high-end equipment

robot product development department of Zhongda Diantong electromechanical business department Jiang Zhenmin: preparation before installation of robot application 1 in Taida Wujiang factory

industrial control help Yu Dequan : how can industrial controllers seize the opportunity in the era of industrial robots?

we will go to the salon tomorrow at the same venue

(Salon location: Piaf platform at the entrance of siaf2016 3.2 hall, Pazhou Exhibition Area A, Guangzhou)

here are some wonderful ppts:

Hexin automation

Gugao automation


"Larsen said that a total of 292 national invention patents have been applied for

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