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Hollysys: society is the strategic choice of excellent enterprises

with the in-depth reform of the socialist market economy, the social problem of automated enterprises is not only, but also a strategy of successful enterprises. The lack of social consciousness has become the biggest obstacle to the sustainable development of enterprises. Enterprises cannot survive without society. Society is an important means for enterprises to improve their core competitiveness and cultural strength, and it is also an important guarantee for enterprises to achieve sustained growth and rapid development. An enterprise's most important contribution to society is first reflected in its economic contribution to society. Through 18 years of healthy and rapid development, Hollysys has made remarkable achievements in business management and corporate culture construction. The significance of Hollysys' development to China's automation industry lies not only in the world's advanced products and technologies through independent research and development, but also in changing the situation that China's automation industry lags behind foreign enterprises in technology

Hollysys is a leader in the automation national enterprise camp. It is a high-tech enterprise group mainly engaged in independent design, manufacturing and application of automation control system platforms and industry solutions. Hollysys has always hoped to give full play to its technological advantages, strengthen cooperation with domestic universities and other scientific research and education institutions, and jointly promote the exchange of automation technology application experience. The holding of this year's free imagination Zhisheng future Hollysys University modeling and thesis competition, which received the attention of the industry, undoubtedly built an open platform for the popularization and exchange of automation technology. Practicing the society and giving back to the cause of education is also an important starting point for Hollysys to carry out this campus trip with precise control. As an expert enterprise focusing on research and development and seeking innovation, Hollysys is well aware of the importance of knowledge accumulation and technological innovation, and also attaches great importance to the education and training of automation talents. This activity fully reflects the excellent tradition that Hollysys attaches importance to society and education

about Hollysys

Beijing Hollysys group was founded in 1993. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in independent design, manufacturing and application of automation control system platform and industry solutions. It has restarted the lower jaw electromechanical conditioning lower jaw group. After more than ten years of rapid transfer and steady development of thermal insulation materials to suburbs and other cities, it has become a well-known brand in the automation industry

Beijing Hollysys automation Drive Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional subsidiary of Hollysys group to carry out factory automation business, mainly engaged in the design, development, production, marketing, sales and technical services of automation control products, motors and drive products

relying on the strong R & D strength and productization ability of Hollysys group, Beijing Hollysys automation Drive Technology Co., Ltd. has successively launched LM series of historical Small PLC and LK series of large PLC products, which are incumbent on legislators voting against the General Election Bill, and have been widely used in various industrial and civil occasions. LK large PLC has successfully applied tens of thousands of sets in industries such as electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, energy, transportation, water treatment, heat supply, natural gas, water conservancy and hydropower, coal, textile, food, paper making, printing, pharmaceutical, intelligent building, air conditioning and refrigeration, and LM small PLC has been applied in printing machinery, building materials machinery, packaging machinery, plastic machinery, textile machinery, mining equipment, machine tools, environmental protection equipment, central air conditioning, gas power generation, constant pressure water supply Tens of thousands of users have also successfully applied in elevator, pipe monitoring and other industries

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