Fire prevention of the hottest electronic computer

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Fire prevention of electronic computer center and its facilities

electronic computer is a modern equipment that can automatically, efficiently and accurately calculate various functions. With the popularization and application of computer technology, all walks of life have generally established their own "management information system", an information system is an electronic computer center. The electronic computer center is mainly composed of computer system, power supply system, air conditioning system and computer room building. It has been widely used in military, industry, agricultural production and scientific research. Business, culture and art. 6. Do not squeeze the computer screen

the electronic computer system is expensive. Once there is a fire, the economic loss will be huge, and the destruction of information, data and so on will also have a negative impact on the relevant management and monitoring systems

I. fire risk

1. A large number of combustibles such as wood, plywood and plastic board should be used for indoor decoration, and polystyrene foam and other combustibles should be used for ventilation duct insulation, which can lead to the corresponding reduction of the fire resistance of the building bite strength testing machine

2. There are many electrical equipment and complex electrical circuits in the machine room. If the type selection is improper or does not meet the requirements of installation regulations, fire accidents may be caused due to short circuit, overload, etc

3. When the electronic computer needs to work continuously for a long time, if there is a fault, the insulation will be broken down, the regulated power supply will be short circuited, or the high impedance components will be in poor contact, causing heat and fire

4. Workers wear polyester, nylon, nylon and other clothing or PVC slippers, resulting in electrostatic sparks

5. If used combustible materials are not handled in time or flammable cleaning agents are used to wipe the machinery, equipment and floor, etc., they may catch fire in case of fire source

II. Fire prevention measures

it will take time for the graphene era to really come. 1. The electronic computer center should be set away from the place that emits harmful gases and produces and stores corrosive objects and inflammables and explosives, or built in its perennial upwind direction. It is also not suitable to be located in thunder falling areas, mining areas, miscellaneous soil, silt, quicksand layers, stratum fractures, areas with frequent seismic activities and low-lying and humid places, and it is also necessary to avoid places with strong electromagnetic fields, strong vibration sources and strong noise sources. At the same time, we must ensure that the natural environment is clean, transportation is convenient, and electricity and water sources are sufficient

2. The fire resistance rating of the building should not be lower than grade II, and the key parts should reach grade I. Computers shall not be installed in rooms above the fifth floor, basements, upper and lower floors or adjacent rooms with flammable and explosive hazards. The machine room and other rooms shall be separated and closed by firewalls, and the decoration shall be made of non combustible or flame retardant materials. The information storage equipment shall be installed in a separate room, and the data rack and data cabinet shall be made of non combustible materials. The main engine room should have more than two emergency exits, and the door should be opened outward

3. the air conditioning system shall be linked with the alarm control system for control. The air duct and its insulation materials, silencing materials and adhesives shall be made of non combustible or non combustible materials. The switch of the electric heater and the switch of the ventilator should also be interlocked. The fire damper shall be set at the partition wall and floor where the air duct passes through the machine room, and the maximum temperature of normal operation shall not exceed these three configurations, which is the basic configuration of 25 degrees. Separate supports and hangers can be attached to prevent air duct deformation

4. When the cable shaft and pipeline shaft pass through the floor, they must be separated by non combustible partitions with a fire resistance of not less than 1 hour. At the place where the cable duct passes through the wall of the machine room, non combustible partitions with a fire resistance of not less than 0.75 hour should also be set. The cables passing through the wall should be sleeved with metal pipes, and the gap should be blocked with non combustible materials. Damp proof and rat bite proof measures shall be taken for cable trench, and signal wire, power cable and ground wire shall be laid in layers. The connection between cable and cabinet shall be firm. An uninterrupted power supply system or a self-contained power supply system shall be established, and an emergency power-off device shall be set near the machine room. The power line of the computer system shall not be connected to the air conditioning system, motor and other electrical equipment with load changes, and the shielding grounding shall be done well. The distribution line of fire-fighting electrical equipment shall be laid in metal pipe when exposed, and in non combustible structure when concealed. The cable shafts of strong and weak current lines should be set separately, and protective covers made of glass or other non combustible materials should be added. The lead-in wire of high-power lamps should be protected by thermal insulation through non combustible materials such as porcelain tubes and asbestos glass wires. The installation, maintenance, rerouting and temporary wiring of electrical equipment shall meet the requirements of electrical fire prevention. The battery room shall be set against the outer wall. Strengthen ventilation, and its electrical equipment should be explosion-proof

5. There should be good lightning protection facilities outside the machine room. The grounding resistance of facilities and equipment shall meet the requirements of relevant national standards. The distance between DC system grounding and lightning protection grounding shall be greater than 5 meters. AC and DC lines shall not be closely laid in parallel or cross, nor shall they be short circuited or mixed. Anti static floor with fireproof performance should be selected in the machine room

6. Set up automatic fire alarm and automatic fire extinguishing system according to the situation, try to avoid areas or equipment that may cause electromagnetic interference, and set up fire control room at the same time. It shall also be equipped with uninterrupted special fire power supply and DC standby power supply, and shall have automatic and manual trigger devices. In the area with automatic fire extinguishing facilities, the fire resistance limit of partition walls and doors shall not be less than 1 hour, and the fire resistance limit of ceiling shall not be less than 0.25 hours

7. Corrosive and inflammable and explosive materials shall not be stored in the computer center. During maintenance, the power supply of the equipment must be turned off before operation, and flammable solvents must be avoided as far as possible. After use, all kinds of electric tools should be cut off immediately and put back to the original place. Smoking and random hot work shall be prohibited in all workplaces. The staff should master the necessary fire prevention knowledge and fire-fighting skills, and the personnel on duty should regularly carry out fire safety patrol inspection every day. Portable gas fire extinguishers shall be provided

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