Fire prevention of lighting fixtures

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Engineering knowledge fire prevention of lighting fixtures

I. choose ordinary lighting fixtures in places where inflammable and explosive chemicals are stored. The role of Vickers hardness tester in aluminum profile spark ignites flammable and combustible gases within the explosion limit, causing an explosion

II. The lamps are too close to combustibles, and the ventilation and heat dissipation conditions are poor, so combustibles are baked. For example, the appearance temperature of 40W incandescent lamp is 50 60 C, and that of 100W incandescent lamp is 170 220 C. In 1992, a fire broke out in Weifang seed farm because the light bulb was too close to the mosquito net. One person was burned to death and one person was seriously injured

III. inflammables are placed under the lamps. When the power supply voltage exceeds the rated voltage of the electric lamp, when the lamp shell glass is heated unevenly, and when water droplets splash on the surface of the electric lamp, it may cause the bulb to explode, and the high-temperature tungsten wire with sparks will fall into flammable and combustible materials, causing a fire

IV. incandescent lamps, halogen tungsten lamps and fluorescent lamps with more than 60W are directly installed on combustible decoration or combustible objects, causing fire

to prevent the fire of lighting fixtures, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

first, electricians must be trained and qualified by national functional departments, work with certificates, and install according to the relevant national electrical specifications

II. Correctly choose lamps that adapt to different environments. For places with explosion and fire hazards, choose explosion-proof lamps

III. keep enough safety distance between lighting fixtures and combustibles. Generally, it should be kept more than 1m away from castor oil based on sustainable cultivation and soybean oil fuel from non food sources. If it is necessary to be close to combustibles, strict fire protection measures such as heat insulation and heat dissipation should be taken. The lead-in wires of halogen lamps and incandescent bulbs with a rated power of 100W and above, such as ceiling lamps, slot lamps and embedded lamps, should be insulated with non combustible materials such as porcelain tubes, asbestos, glass filaments, etc

IV. inflammables cannot be placed under lighting fixtures. Especially in the warehouse of combustible materials, the lighting fixtures should be installed above the walkway, keeping a sufficient safe distance from the combustible materials up, down, left and right, and the main power switch should be set outside the warehouse, so that people can walk without lights off

v. lighting fixtures shall not be installed directly on combustible decoration or combustible objects, but on non combustible or non combustible bases

VI. root 4. Before the tensile testing machine is powered on, select the conductor section that adapts to the size according to the size of the electrical load

VII. Select a safety fuse that meets the specifications. Through calculation, select it at the rated current of 1 A fuse with a fusing current of times. Do not enlarge it at will, or replace it with copper, aluminum and iron wire, otherwise when the electric lamp or wire fails, it will cause a fire because the fuse is not easy to blow

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