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Fire prevention measures for electric welding

① welding operation shall be carried out in strict accordance with the fire approval system, and welding can be carried out at the specified time and place only with the consent of the safety department and relevant personnel of the unit

② welding operation must be carried out by trained personnel with work license, and ideological education and training and education of professional knowledge of fire protection must be strengthened to enhance vigilance and attach importance to safety

③ the welding operation should be carried out in a safe place, and a certain safety distance should be maintained from the national new material industry development leading group (hereinafter referred to as the leading group) to officially establish the combustible and explosive warehouse, oil tank, gas holder, stacking, etc; Try to stay away from the equipment, devices, containers and pipelines that are producing flammable and explosive products, and generally do not conduct electric welding in places with fire and explosion hazards; The equipment requiring maintenance shall be disassembled to a safe place for repair; When electric welding operations must be carried out in the Institute with a year-on-year decrease of 18.43% in the fire and danger area, the fire prevention system shall be strictly implemented

④ barrels and tanks containing gasoline, kerosene, benzene and other flammable liquids should be carefully treated before welding; Welding operations cannot be carried out in and around pipe trenches, pits, sewers where flammable gases and vapors accumulate until the danger is eliminated; Welding and cutting operations should not be carried out in hollow partition walls, temporary simple buildings, simple warehouses, top grids with combustible building components and near the stacking of combustible materials

⑤ welding tools must be safe and good. The insulation of the welding machine and the power line should be reliable, the conductor should have enough cross-section, and the fuse pieces that meet the requirements should be installed. When the electric welding is damaged, it should be handled and replaced in time to prevent accidents

⑥ if electric welding and gas welding are operated in the same place, the electric welding wire and gas welding pipeline cannot be laid together, and a distance of more than 10m should be maintained to avoid mutual influence and danger

⑦ do not use metal components associated with flammable and explosive production equipment as welding ground wires, such as oil and gas pipelines, to prevent high temperature or electric sparks in places with poor electrical access, causing fire or explosion

⑧ when it is necessary to overhaul the pipeline equipment for transporting and storing flammable liquids and gases and other equipment that does not stop running, the connected pipeline should be removed or blocked off. 5 In the process of transportation, flammable liquids and gases should be prevented from entering the repaired equipment and pipes, so as to avoid explosion or combustion during ignition. Dry powder fire extinguishers or other simple fire extinguishing tools shall be provided during operation to avoid affecting the normal operation of the equipment. It is best to disassemble the repaired pipeline to a safe place for welding repair

⑨ pay special attention to the inspection of safety facilities after welding and cutting, and timely check whether the welding quality meets the technical requirements. At the same time, remove the kindling on the site, turn off the power supply, and check the clothes worn by the welder to see whether there is hidden combustion, etc

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