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Fire prevention of key types of work on the construction site

the construction site is a construction site for multi type of intensive grade separation and mixed operation. Especially during the peak period of construction with standard multi light source color matching lamp, there are many types of work, many open fire operations, and different construction methods, so it may show different fire hazards. If the management is neglected, these hidden dangers are very likely to cause site fires. On December 25th, 2000, a fire broke out at the decoration construction site of Dongdu commercial building in Luoyang City, Henan Province, resulting in 309 deaths and 7 injuries, with a direct economic loss of 2.753 million yuan. The direct cause of the fire was the commitment of Jinan gold testing manufacturer that construction welders were working against rules

like other fires, fires at the construction site are the inevitable result of unsafe factors of people and objects, but doing a good job in the fire safety work of the following key types of work can play a role in preventing fires at the construction site with twice the result with half the effort

I. job fire prevention of construction welders

welders are divided into electric and gas welding, which are fusion methods that use electric energy or chemical energy to convert into heat energy to heat metal. The main cause of fire caused by electric and gas welding is due to paralysis of mind, improper operation, lax system and non implementation of fire prevention measures during the operation of welding and cutting. Therefore, to prevent fires caused by welders' work, construction welders should do a good job in the following aspects

1. Before operation, it is necessary to clarify the operation task, carefully understand the operation environment, mark out the dangerous area of hot work, set up obvious signs, and remove the work scope. 2 All inflammables, combustibles and explosives that are started at least once a month. Reliable fire protection measures shall be taken for the above items that cannot be removed. When operating at high wind speed, pay attention to the influence of wind force and direction, and assign special personnel to monitor the operation to prevent the high wind from blowing sparks onto nearby combustible and flammable materials. At the end of the operation, be sure to extinguish all sparks before leaving the site

2. When electric and gas welding is used in the process of repairing and decorating old buildings, special attention should be paid to the inspection of the wall, floor structure and concealed works at the welding position before operation. For holes and cracks in walls and floors, heat conducting metal components, pipelines and other equipment should take corresponding fire protection measures to prevent sparks from falling into these parts, leaving fire, or causing fire through metal heat conduction

3. When working indoors, in containers or cutting various containers, carefully investigate the working environment before operation. Energy conservation and emission reduction is a global task. It is clear that sampling analysis is necessary

4. Before operation, carefully check whether the pipes and welding tools leak gas, so as to prevent a large amount of oxygen or acetylene from gathering indoors or in containers and causing a fire. During operation, acetylene generators, oxygen cylinders, electric welding machines and other related equipment for electric and gas welding cannot be placed indoors. Air circulation shall be protected during indoor operation. It is strictly forbidden to regulate the air by means of oxygen entering the operation room

II. Fire prevention of construction carpentry

from construction preparation to project completion, a large amount of wood should be used in construction projects, such as the production of building templates, building decoration, etc. Wood is a combustible with low ignition point, especially in the process of wood processing, a large number of sawdust, shavings, sawdust and wood powder will be produced, which are easier to be ignited than wood. Therefore, the following problems should be paid attention to during woodworking

1. It is strictly forbidden to use open flames, prohibit workers from smoking on the site, and set up obvious no smoking signs. Other irrelevant inflammables and explosives shall not be stacked within the scope of the operation site, and the carpenter's personal toolbox shall not store oil and inflammables and explosives

2. During operation, strengthen the regular inspection of electrical equipment, and find an electrician to repair in time in case of short circuit, ignition and aging damage of line insulation. Clean the sawdust, shavings, sawdust and wood powder on the operation site at any time to prevent fires caused by the covering of motor equipment by the above substances

3. The glue used for bonding wood should be boiled in a separate room, and the fire of the stove should be extinguished in time after use

4. Woodworking operations shall strictly comply with the provisions of construction site management conditions. Clean the operation site at the end of work, stack the wood neatly, stack the sawdust, shavings, sawdust and wood powder to the designated place, and pay attention not to stack too much, and the storage time should not be too long to prevent spontaneous combustion

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