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Fire prevention of communication machine room (building)

1. Electrical equipment and power supply lines shall be installed by full-time electricians in accordance with the specifications, and the construction system with certificates shall be implemented

2. All power lines in the communication machine room should be copper wires, and closed junction boxes should be installed at the joints

3. The cross-sectional area of the power line should adapt to the load, and overload operation is not allowed

4. It is forbidden to pull the temporary power supply randomly in the machine room and production site. When the temporary line dragging the ground must be used, the double sheathed line should be used. The power line cannot be fixed on the iron nail or tied with wire when the test piece contacts the upper pressing plate

5. The power line and signal line shall not pass through or enter the air conditioning ventilation duct. The power line and signal line shall be laid separately. If they must be laid together, the power line shall be threaded through metal pipe or armored wire

6. Rated fuses must be used, and copper, iron and aluminum wires are strictly prohibited

7. The dispersion of iodine carbon nanotubes is strictly prohibited in the communication room. The problem of high heat lamps such as tungsten lamps should be solved, and the distance between lamps and combustibles should be greater than 0.5 meters. Ballasts of lamps and lanterns cannot be installed on combustible and flammable materials, and it is strictly prohibited to install and use temporary lamps and lanterns arbitrarily

8. The generator room and battery room should adopt explosion-proof lamps, install exhaust equipment, prohibit open fire and smoking indoors, and the power switch should be set outdoors

9. The power distribution frame should be clean and tidy without spider dust, and the cables in the cable trench should be neat without ponding and debris

10. Ups with long-term power supply should monitor its heating condition to avoid fire and strengthen fire prevention measures

11. No smoking in the main engine room unless you master the correct method; Do not use electric water heaters, electric furnaces and other electric appliances; It is not allowed to store data irrelevant to the equipment and other materials and objects other than spare parts; It is not allowed to be used as a temporary warehouse; No sofa is allowed; Irrelevant personnel are not allowed to enter; Do not pull or lay wires randomly; It is not allowed to wipe the floor with flammable liquids such as gasoline; Flammable and combustible liquids and gases are not allowed to be stored; It is not allowed to bring food to obtain the experimental data of various materials, which is convenient and practical; Enter the machine room

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