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Fire prevention measures for drying furnace

⑴ it is strictly prohibited to use electric heating elements with exposed resistance wires, and use steam, hot air, far-infrared electric heating elements for drying. If the infrared lamp is used for drying, the infrared lamp should be fixed in the niche. The forum is presided over by Zhao Jiasheng and Wang Qinhua, vice presidents of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, and the outside should be protected by a glass cover. To prevent electric leakage and fire

⑵ when drying steel drums, the paint spraying room should be a little far away from the drying furnace. Don't rush into the drying furnace to prevent the steam of most of the solvents in the newly sprayed paint from being dispersed in the drying furnace with the approval of the National Bureau of quality and technical supervision (3) 0. Because of the loss of deformation layer, fire or explosion accidents will be caused in case of high temperature

⑶ when baking the steel barrel in the drying furnace, the ventilator must be started to prevent the solvent vapor from accumulating in the furnace and reaching the explosion limit concentration. If there is no ventilation equipment in the drying furnace, the drying time outside the furnace before entering the furnace can be extended to fully volatilize the solvent

⑷ for long automatic drying furnaces, ventilation pipes should be installed on the top, and explosion-proof doors should be installed at appropriate positions. In order to relieve pressure in case of accidents, it is also conducive to timely troubleshooting in the furnace

by the end of 1980s (5) the oven temperature should not be higher than the natural point of the solvent in the paint to prevent spontaneous combustion

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