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Analysis of changes in China's carton board market

with the rapid development of the packaging industry, it has brought huge market demand to the carton board industry. In recent years, the domestic carton board production scale has been expanding, and the production capacity has increased rapidly. The entry and expansion of large enterprises have played a good role in promoting China's carton board industry and greatly optimized the industrial structure of carton board. However, due to the relatively concentrated time of putting into production, a large amount of production capacity makes the market difficult to digest. The domestic carton board market has been impacted, and the price has continued to decline this year. At that time, the fixture selected by the market competition must have the most acceptable practical torque. The dispute over 10 torque is also very fierce, which has been discussed in previous articles. Review the changes in the carton board market, talk about my first or second impressions, and discuss with insiders

I. Analysis of market changes: at present, the carton board market is constantly developing and new changes have taken place. Looking at the carton board market, we find the following characteristics:

1. The competition between domestic carton board and imported carton board is fierce, and the strength of domestic carton board has increased. In recent years, the domestic market demand for high-grade cardboard has increased year by year. Because domestic products can not meet the market demand, it costs a lot of foreign exchange to import, and high-grade cardboard has become a bulk product of imported paper in China. Faced with this situation, many newly-built large and medium-sized carton board enterprises believe that this is an excellent business opportunity, so they have introduced advanced papermaking equipment from countries with developed paper industry to produce high-quality carton board, including foreign-funded enterprises such as Guangdong Jiulong paper industry, Liwen paper industry, Wuxi Rongcheng paper industry, and domestic enterprises such as Fujian Qingshan Paper Industry and Hebei jiteng paper industry. At present, the quality of domestic products is equivalent to that of imported products, which can completely replace imports. After these products are put on the market, their grades are not low. China's Tariff Commission issued the announcement of the Tariff Commission of the State Council on imposing tariffs on imported goods originating in the United States of about US $16billion (announcement of the Tax Commission [2018] No. 7). The quality is not poor, but the price is cheaper than imported cardboard, which makes the sales of imported cardboard difficult and the price is under pressure. In the past, compared with domestic paperboard, the advantage of imported paperboard was high grade and good quality. Now this advantage has weakened. According to the current development momentum, the market share of domestic high-grade paperboard will become larger and larger, and gradually replace imported paperboard. But at the same time, it should be noted that imported products still have great advantages in terms of raw wood pulp box board. After China's accession to the WTO, the reduction of tariffs will increase its competitiveness to a certain extent

2. The price of cartons fell this year and remained depressed. Looking back on the fluctuation of carton board prices over the past few years, we can see that the market economy is volatile. The market often has such a strange phenomenon that the lower the price of paperboard, the less the inventory of users, and the more serious the imbalance between supply and demand. On the contrary, when the price rises, the user's inventory will also increase, and the market demand will rise. Therefore, the market situation may be related to some human factors such as the tolerance of carton enterprises to price fluctuations. Since 2000, the market sales have been sluggish, and grade A, B and C cartons have declined to varying degrees. Take grade C cardboard as an example, from yuan/ton to the current yuan/ton. The price of carton board has weakened this year and has been sluggish so far. The main factors are: a. the international market is poor, and the prices of imported wood pulp and imported waste paper are reduced; b. The domestic production scale of carton board is expanding, and the overall market supply exceeds demand; c. Speculation under the condition of market economy. With the advent of new year's day and Spring Festival, the consumption of daily necessities has increased, and the consumption of cartons will increase, stimulating the consumption of cartons, and the market is expected to improve

3. Faced with fierce market competition, carton board enterprises strive to develop the market and seek development. Many carton board enterprises are looking for survival in the cracks of the market and compete in the market with the advantages of multiple varieties and specifications. Increase sales channels, add offices in areas with high demand or establish fixed business relations with local market dealers, so as to achieve mutual benefit and open up the market in multiple ways, so as to meet the needs of many small and medium-sized carton enterprises. 2. After using the sensor for a certain time, we can win users with flexible marketing methods

II. Development and thinking of the current carton board Market: facing the fierce competition in the carton board market, the author gives some rough opinions:

1. Clarify the market demand and increase the market competitive advantage. Each carton board enterprise should deeply study the market demand, subdivide the market according to its own technology, equipment, capital status and production and operation ability, properly position itself, and focus on meeting the low quantitative High strength and special specifications of production needs, actively develop new varieties, the development of high-grade cardboard. At the same time, efforts should be made to increase the width of the product line, expand the breadth of product sales, and reasonably arrange the production of cartons to meet the needs of users of different grades of cartons. In short, I believe that carton board enterprises should properly position their products according to the enterprise situation, improve quality, expand varieties, and do a good job in after-sales service in order to remain invincible

2. Carton board enterprises should pay attention to the direction of structural adjustment. At present, the product structure of carton board enterprises is developing to medium and high grades, the raw materials are changing to domestic waste paper and imported waste paper plus wood pulp, the enterprise structure is changing to economies of scale, and the management is changing to intensive. The author believes that as the market changes from disorderly competition to orderly competition, enterprises should pay attention to their own transformation, create their own advantages, take the road of economies of scale, enhance the ability to resist market risks, and use various advanced means to implement scientific and standardized management to maintain the sustainable development of enterprises

3. The oversupply of carton board market does not mean that there is no market. From the current situation, the author believes that it is correct for many enterprises to develop their carton board products to medium and high-grade, but they must also develop new uses of products, aim at the market, and develop civil and special carton board. Such products should be said to have great vitality in the market

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