The hottest green packaging opens up a new Xintian

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Green packaging opens up a Xintiandi for papermaking

in addition to corrugated boxes with a long history, paper cups, paper cans and paper barrels are paper packaging containers that have developed rapidly in recent years. Although facing the competition of plastic and metal packaging products, paper packaging products still have a wide range of uses with the advantage of good recyclability. Especially in recent years, with the acceleration of green packaging engineering and the strategic process of sustainable development, the recycling of packaging materials has attracted particular attention. Therefore, it provides a broad space for the development of packaging paper. Green packaging has been listed as the development focus in the long-term development plan of China's packaging industry in 2010. Therefore, the market potential of paper packaging products is great, providing a new choice for the sustainable development strategy of zero pollution. Paper packaging containers are light and beautiful, suitable for large-scale mechanized production, especially convenient for recycling, which has always occupied an important position in traditional packaging materials. In recent years, with the continuous progress of the research and development of green packaging materials, paper plastic composites, paper aluminum composites and other packaging products based on paper and other materials are also constantly innovating. At present, paper packaging products are not only simply packaging goods, but also have the functions of shock absorption and moisture insulation. The packaging form has also developed from the multi external packaging of general goods to the monomer packaging of goods. From exquisite cosmetics packaging to the packaging of important items such as motorcycles, refrigerators and large screen color TVs, it shows that paper packaging products are widely used. Green packaging includes environmental protection and resource regeneration. Countries around the world are developing new pollution-free packaging to ensure the continuity of sampling and data transmission. 2 Problems caused by neglect: these problems are caused by neglect in the testing process and other reasons, and the improvement of packaging waste recycling technology to achieve the above requirements. With the rapid economic development in China, the types of packaging supplies required are increasingly diversified, and higher requirements are put forward for paper packaging supplies. For example, paper is made of natural fibers through a series of chemical treatments. In order to improve the whiteness and sensory quality of paper, most papers have been treated with fluorescent whitening. According to research and animal experiments, fluorescent brightener is a carcinogen. Due to the lack of supervision and safeguard measures, the use of whitening paper for food packaging is common in China. With the proposal of the concept of "green packaging", packaging paper must not only be exquisite and applicable, but also meet the requirements of environmental protection

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