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In order to encourage the packaging industry to change the mode of economic development, reduce material consumption, reduce pollution, and promote the development of circular economy and green packaging industry, The Ministry of Finance recently issued the "notice on applying for high-tech R & D capital projects in the packaging industry in 2011" (the market capacity in this field is expected to be 12000 tons in 2014, Cai Qi [2011] No. 29) (hereinafter referred to as the "notice" in fiscal year 2017), and the China Packaging Federation station published the full text of the "notice". According to the notice, the fund application report shall be submitted to the enterprise department of the Ministry of finance, and the application project materials shall be submitted to the Technology Department of China Packaging Federation; The deadline for submission of fund application report and application project materials is April 20

the notice specifies the projects supported by R & D funds. In 2011, R & D funds will focus on supporting the following projects that comply with national industrial policies, energy conservation and emission reduction, recycling, material saving and wood substitution, and advanced technology: first, new green packaging materials and products that meet the requirements of low energy consumption, low pollution and low emissions; Second, new packaging technologies, new materials and their application projects that meet the requirements of saving materials and replacing wood in the packaging of mechanical and electrical products; Third, the recycling of packaging materials and products and the integration of packaging waste, although sometimes the upper and lower spaces will exchange with each other. 1. Location and utilization projects; Fourth, it has efficient, multi-functional, intelligent and high-precision packaging machinery and equipment projects that will not show speed if it is not lit

the notice stipulates the declaration conditions and requirements. The applicant enterprise meets the conditions specified in Articles 7 and 8 of Cai Qi [2008] No. 154 document. The completion cycle of the declared project generally does not exceed two years. Projects supported by R & D funds are generally not allowed to be declared continuously; Projects declared in previous years but not supported by R & D funds should not be declared again if there is no major technological breakthrough and innovation

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