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Green plastic packaging materials - PVDC

when we enter the supermarket, we will be attracted by a variety of goods. Their different exquisite packages are showing you their unique charm. Indeed, good products need good packaging. In people's traditional concept, the visual evaluation of commodities mainly depends on the appearance and packaging of products. It can be seen that the packaging of products is very important. Choosing a good packaging material is an important way to reflect the corporate image and show product quality. PVDC coating film is an excellent "green" plastic packaging material

pvdc (i.e. polyvinylidene chloride) is a light yellow, powdery material with high barrier properties. In addition to the general properties of plastics, it also has self extinguishing, oil resistance, taste retention, excellent moisture-proof, Yin gas and other properties, as well as excellent printability and heat sealing properties. PVDC is a kind of packaging material with the best comprehensive barrier performance in plastic packaging in the world. It is not only different from the sharp decline of gas resistance of polyvinyl alcohol with the increase of moisture absorption, but also different from the deterioration of moisture resistance of nylon membrane due to water absorption. It is a high barrier material with excellent moisture and gas resistance. Here is a set of numbers that can be intuitively reflected. Within 224 hours, the temperature is 30.80 ℃, the relative humidity is 90%, and the oxygen permeability (OTR) of - PVDC is only l.2-26.4ml per square meter, while that of nylon is 40.3ml, and that of raw ethylene is 3875-13020ml. From the comparison of these figures, it can be seen that the barrier performance of PVDC is several times or more than ten times that of ordinary packaging materials. Even hundreds of times. Therefore, the use of PVDC coated film to package food has excellent effects on the color, aroma, taste and moisture resistance of food. The exhibition will focus on the protection of a batch of basic, strategic and cutting-edge advanced materials, which can improve the storage life of food by several times, dozens of times, hundreds of times, and greatly reduce the loss of food caused by seasonal and other factors. The proportion of PVDC in the actual packaging is very limited, and the cost increase of composite products is very small, so the application of PVDC in packaging is very promising

pvdc not only has excellent high barrier performance, but also has excellent printing performance, composite performance and transparency. In practical application, PVDC thin film also has special requirements for printing ink, lamination and equipment, so there is no need to change the process of each process, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the cost

pvdc is widely used, involving various industries such as food, chemical industry, cosmetics, daily chemicals, drugs, hardware and machinery products, military products, etc. As early as the 1950s and 1960s, it was widely used in western developed countries to distinguish between single and double tension machines. In China, PVDC started late, so people don't know much about PVDC, and the packaging concept is relatively weak. Therefore, the application of PVDC is relatively limited. With more and more attention to environmental protection, PVDC composite packaging materials with light proportion have been widely concerned. Because of its application, it can reduce the extensive use of packaging materials, so as to reduce the over development of waste sources and resources gb/t 5279 ⑴ 985 countersunk screw head shape and measurement. PVDC is a non-toxic and safe plastic material, which is praised as "green" packaging by all countries

at present, there are many PVDC coating film production lines in China. Zhejiang (Quzhou) Futong plastic packaging Co., Ltd. is a large domestic manufacturer specializing in the production of PVDC coating film. The company has a high-grade coating film production line imported from Switzerland and a high-speed Slitting unit imported from Britain, specializing in the production of various types of PVDC coating films, with an annual production capacity of 2000 tons. The company has formed a series of products with various specifications, such as Kop, kpet, kPa, K coated paperboard, etc. In 1999, the company passed the IS0900 certification, and its products were recognized and affirmed by relevant experts and enterprises at home and abroad. It also hired well-known experts at home and abroad as technical guidance to further develop new packaging materials to meet higher requirements

to sum up, using pvdv can not only improve the grade of packaging products in China, but also reduce the losses caused by product packaging, so as to enhance market competitiveness and establish a new image of the enterprise. I believe that in the future packaging industry, the full and rational use of PVDC coating film will increasingly become the mainstream of the packaging industry

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