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PVDC: green packaging materials with broad prospects

the packaging of goods by placing samples on V-shaped iron is directly related to people's desire to buy goods. Therefore, a good packaging material can not only reflect the packaging quality, but also show the product quality and reflect the corporate image. According to insiders, in the current packaging market, PVDC has won a broad market prospect with its reputation of "green plastic packaging materials"

pvdc at the same time, its chemical name is polyvinylidene chloride, which is a light yellow, powdery packaging material. In addition to the general properties of plastics, it also has the characteristics of self extinguishing, oil resistance, flavor preservation, moisture and gas resistance. It can be used to make composite films or sheets with a variety of polymers, and can also be used as a barrier coating for paper, regenerated cellulose, plastic sheets, etc. Since its inception, PVDC has become a kind of packaging material with the best comprehensive barrier performance in today's colorful plastic packaging world because of its excellent gas and moisture resistance, grease resistance, odor resistance, low-temperature heat sealing, etc

compared with other packaging materials, PVDC has the best comprehensive barrier performance. It is not only different from the characteristics that polyethylene has a sharp decline in gas resistance with the increase of moisture absorption, but also different from the characteristics that nylon film has a poor moisture resistance due to water absorption. It is a material with excellent gas and moisture resistance. The experiment shows that under the condition of 30.8 ℃ temperature and 90% relative humidity within 24 hours, the water penetration rate (WVTR) per square meter of PVDC area is only 0.8 to 4.7 grams, while the nylon film is 372 to 430 grams, and the polyethylene is 18.6 grams; Within 24 hours, when the temperature is 20.3 ℃ and the relative humidity is 60%, the oxygen permeability (OTR) of PVDC with a thickness of 24.7 microns is only 1.2 to 26.7 ml, while that of nylon is 40.3 ml and that of polyethylene is 3875 to 13020 ml. It can be seen that the barrier performance of PVDC is several times, dozens of times, or even hundreds of times that of ordinary packaging materials. Therefore, using PVDC coated film to package food is very effective in protecting the color, aroma, taste and moisture resistance of food. It can improve the storage life of food by several times, dozens of times, or even hundreds of times. In addition, PVDC also has excellent printing performance, composite performance and transparency. PVDC coating film has no special requirements for printing ink, lamination and equipment. In practical application, there is no need to change the process, which opens the door for the promotion and application of PVDC

pvdc has a wide range of applications, which can be applied to food, chemical industry, medicine, hardware machinery, military industry and other industries. It is widely used in meat food, convenience food, dairy products, fresh-keeping food, cosmetics, daily chemical products, drugs, as well as five metal products that need moisture-proof and rust proof, mechanical parts, military products and other industries that need to be oxygen-proof, odor-proof, moisture-proof Packaging of products with barrier requirements such as oil barrier and anti penetration. Since the 1980s, the production and use of PVDC packaging materials have increased year by year. At present, it has accounted for more than 90% of the market share of barrier packaging materials, and has also accounted for a large proportion in the total amount of packaging plastics

in recent years, people have paid extensive attention to the environmental protection of packaging materials, and the use of PVDC packaging materials meets this environmental protection requirement. In the United States, PVDC products are identified as non-toxic and safe plastic materials, which can be used in food. 1. The pressure control system is mainly composed of pressure source, pressure pipeline and electrical control; In Germany, PVDC packaging materials are known as green packaging materials, with the "green" logo; About 60% of the small packaged food, drugs, chemical products, electronic products, etc. currently circulating in the market in Japan and South Korea are packaged with PVDC products. In addition, an important requirement of environmental protection is the reduction of packaging materials. The use of PVDC always lacks a good product that customers are really satisfied with. Composite packaging materials are much less than the use of ordinary PE film, paper, aluminum foil and other materials, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing packaging materials and reducing waste sources

the use of PVDC packaging materials can make the product packaging reach a higher level, and increase the shelf life of goods, so as to enhance the market competitiveness of products and improve the efficiency of enterprises. Therefore, the market prospect of PVDC packaging materials is generally optimistic by insiders

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