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Green packaging needs to be promoted in an all-round way

in recent years, the problem of excessive packaging of products has often caused criticism from all walks of life. At the two sessions this year, many representatives and members put forward special proposals and proposals for this purpose. So, what kind of packaging is needed to build our green life? At this time, green packaging has entered people's vision

green packaging refers to the packaging that follows the principle of 3R + 1D, 3R refers to reduce, reuse and recycle, and 1D refers to degradable, which is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be recycled and recycled to improve product quality and durability, and can promote sustainable development. For example, edible ice cream cones, degradable disposable fast food boxes, and various recyclable cartons, which are common in our life, all belong to green packaging

many people will give a thumbs up when they mention green packaging. However, green packaging is a dynamic process. In addition to the research and development of new biodegradable packaging materials, reduction, reuse and recycling involve all aspects of the whole society. China began to produce green packaging products as early as the 1980s, but today, as a system engineering, green packaging is still developing slowly

the market is not enough to become a bottleneck

I also want to use environmentally friendly lunch boxes, but one is several cents more expensive than the ordinary one, and the cost is too high for small vendors like us. Xiao Zhang, who sells cold noodles at a stall on the street, said to him

Xiao Zhang's choice from a business perspective is reasonable. Due to the use of advanced technology, green packaging products are often more expensive than traditional packaging products. According to experts, taking the new green tableware as an example, the cost of pulp molded tableware products is at least 0.3 yuan, that of plant fiber (rice and wheat husk) tableware is more than 0.2 yuan, that of cardboard tableware is higher, more than 0.4 yuan, and that of disposable expanded polystyrene tableware is only 0.07 yuan. It is the price disadvantage that makes it difficult for green packaging products to win the market when competing with traditional packaging products

according to the survey of the green packaging group of Beier course of Peking University, at present, more than 30 million lunch boxes are used throughout the country every day, of which 20% are foam tableware banned by the state, 60% are unqualified tableware, and qualified environmental tableware only accounts for 20% of the market share. Statistics show that at present, the annual output of green tableware in China is about 4billion. Due to the shortage of export demand and the serious shortage of domestic market demand, 80% of the products are exported, and another 20% of the domestic sales are for rail and shipping systems, which is difficult to promote in the fast food industry

if the cost is high, we will use less, and the less we use, the less scale effect will be formed, and the cost will not come down. This is a vicious circle. Lu Kaimin, Deputy Secretary General of the green packaging branch of the Chinese society of Environmental Sciences, said

in addition to the constraints of price factors, consumers' consumption habits have also affected the development of green packaging to a certain extent

the luxurious moon cake packaging has been criticized for a long time, but it has been difficult to change. Lu Kaimin analyzed that it is because the packaging is attached to the product, and now the production of moon cakes has been mainly aimed at the gift market, so the consumer's demand is to have luxurious and exquisite packaging. Therefore, when there is strong demand in the market, it is difficult for manufacturers to give up high profits and realize packaging reduction

insiders said that whether the packaging industry can embark on the green packaging road of sustainable development inevitably depends on the regulation and guidance of the market. The direction, mode and performance pattern of market operation are all caused by the interaction of demand and supply. When green consumption becomes the mainstream direction of social consumption, green packaging will get the ultimate support of the market operation mechanism and become a necessity

many obstacles are holding back

although many Tetra Pak recycling and reuse plants have been built in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places, a common problem that puzzles these enterprises is the lack of Tetra Pak recycling quantity

the reuse of waste packaging is an important part of green packaging, and the embarrassment of Tetra Pak recycling largely reflects the serious defects of China's waste packaging recycling system. According to the data of the State Environmental Protection Administration, among the huge packaging wastes produced every year in China, except for the good recycling of cartons, beer bottles and plastic turnover boxes, the recycling rate of other products is quite low, and the recycling rate of the whole packaging products is less than 20% of the total output

the recycling system of waste packaging is the most troublesome. Lu Kaimin believes that such an imperfect recycling system not only causes the loss of many expensive materials that can be recycled, but also is very chaotic and potentially dangerous. Some toxic and harmful wastes are not suitable for entering this guerrilla like recycling system, and should be recycled and treated safely. There are also some waste recycling methods to be careful. For example, plastic bags are only suitable for making garbage bags after recycling. However, many small workshops reprocess waste plastic bags into food packaging, which brings hidden dangers to packaging safety

in addition, some deficiencies in packaging design also make it difficult to completely recycle. The pull ring of the can is mostly separated from the can body, which makes the pull ring of the can often be thrown into the garbage bag and cannot be recycled. This is a small defect in the design, which consumes a lot of high-quality aluminum every year

the lack of relevant policies and regulations has also hindered the development of green packaging reuse. Experts said that although China's relevant laws and regulations such as the cleaner production law and the law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste also stipulate the design, reduction and rational use of solid waste, excessive packaging, waste recycling, etc. of products and packaging. However, the above provisions are only based on the traditional economy, and do not regard the management of excessive packaging of goods, harmful packaging materials, packaging waste, etc. from the source to the final treatment as a complete life cycle. The specification of packaging waste is only aimed at one or more links of production, consumption, recycling, regeneration, and utilization, without the whole process management. Moreover, there is no clear supporting policy for the green packaging industry in China

strive to be both popular and popular

relevant experts proposed that China should speed up the formulation of the packaging law, clarify that clean energy and raw materials should be used in the production of packaging products, and prohibit the use of packaging materials containing harmful ingredients and packaging containers and materials that do not reach the recycling ratio or cannot be reused in the form of legislation. Formulate quantitative standards for excessive packaging as soon as possible, and clearly prohibit excessive packaging or disposable packaging. To avoid the production of packaging waste, enterprises must recycle packaging waste or use it as available energy, and the remaining packaging waste should be landfilled in an environmentally compatible manner. At the same time, the government should take the lead in advocating the purchase and use of green packaging commodities that are conducive to environmental protection, formulate preferential policies in industry, finance, credit and taxation, and support and encourage enterprises to develop green packaging

Lu Kaimin believes that special institutions should be established to promote the establishment of a standardized waste packaging recycling system. To expand producers, producers should be responsible for the whole life cycle of packaging, and producers and sellers of products should also bear the costs related to recycling. You can add some money to the product packaging and establish a special recycling fund to compensate for the recycling behavior

Lu Kaimin and 8 After tightening the samples, he said that green packaging is not a simple government action, which requires the joint participation of the whole society. At present, green packaging has become an international trade barrier. Packaging enterprises should actively participate in international certification and obtain international product export permits. It is reported that the green packaging branch of the Chinese society of environmental sciences will launch China's first green packaging environmental logo to promote the improvement of enterprise environmental awareness

we should strengthen environmental protection and green consumption education, and guide the public to green consumption. Universal education is a marathon process, which needs to imperceptibly affect consumption habits. Lu Kaimin said. We should also use tax policies to restrict the consumption with serious pollution, such as levying taxes on the use of non recyclable bottles, levying a tax on the use of plastic shopping bags, etc., including the cost of the environment into the consumption cost of consumers, and standardizing the behavior of consumers by mandatory means

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