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Green plastic pipes are favored by modern urbanites

in daily life, the quality of drinking water and the safety of water pipes are the focus of attention. Metal pipes have four fatal weaknesses: easy to rust, easy to corrode, easy to leak and easy to scale. After the galvanized steel pipe is corroded, various microorganisms will breed and pollute the tap water in the pipeline. The bacteria carried in these polluted tap water are like invisible killers, which always threaten people's health. Over the past 10 years, some developed countries have successively legislated or established industrial regulations to prohibit the use of galvanized steel pipes as drinking water delivery pipes, and proposed the full use of high-quality pipes that are rust free, corrosion-free, leakage free and scaling free, with green pipes as the main body

according to relevant building materials experts, the green pipes produced in China mainly include polyethylene pipe (PE), polypropylene pipe (PP), polybutylene pipe (PB) and aluminum plastic composite pipe (Pap), and more than 80% of these pipes are used for building water supply and radiant heating. Compared with other plastic pipes, it is more suitable for indoor small-diameter water supply pipes, radiant heating and floor heating, indoor low-pressure gas pipes, etc. Before 1997, the scope of use of aluminum-plastic pipes was narrow and the output was small. Few Wenzhou municipal government issued emerging industry development plans and action plans for sales in the market. However, since 1997, the Ministry of construction has restricted the use of galvanized pipes in new residential buildings and recommended the use of new green pipes such as polyethylene pipes, polypropylene pipes, polybutylene pipes and aluminum-plastic composite pipes. Therefore, the market for green pipes is active, with both production and sales booming. Some varieties have been in short supply, becoming a new growth point of the national economy and a hot spot for investment. This laid a solid foundation for further maintaining the health of the blood in the room. According to the market survey, the output of these green pipes increased for two consecutive years from 2002 to 2003, reaching more than 3million tons, and is expected to exceed 3.5 million tons this year

according to the market survey, since 1997, due to the rising market demand for these green pipes, the production of this product has high efficiency, and all regions rush together, resulting in a very unstable market, with ups and downs in quality, output and price. However, after several years of fierce market competition and industry integration, some small factories with poor equipment level, small production lines, small output and low quality have successively withdrawn from the market, and new competitors rarely have the opportunity to enter this acceptance. The Ministry of science and technology asked the expert group organized by the China Building Materials Federation to enter. It is expected that the polyethylene pipe, polypropylene pipe, polybutene pipe and aluminum plastic composite pipe market will maintain a steady development trend in the next few years

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