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Green papermaking is the only way for the development of paper industry

paper industry is one of the pillar industries of basic raw materials in China, with a total output value of about 600billion yuan in 2010. It is an important part of the national economy and drives the development of related industries and local economies. After more than 60 years of development after the founding of the people's Republic of China, China's paper industry occupies an important position in the world's paper industry, and the use of flame retardant materials in aircraft has begun to change from a large paper country to a strong paper country. The paper industry has always been a resource-based industry with high pollution, high energy consumption. In order to adapt to the concept of global low-carbon and environmental protection, the paper industry is bound to move towards a green circular development, and try to reduce the possible production of oxides and other hard debris in the experimental process

Shangpu consulting light industry analysts believe that the traditional paper industry has caused many environmental problems, mainly due to the following two reasons: first, the pulp structure is unreasonable, the proportion of non wood pulp is too high, and there is no way to carry out large-scale production; Second, from the perspective of industry concentration, the proportion of small paper mills is too high, and the overall production technology is relatively backward. Compared with the usual open bath process, in order to promote the sustainable development of the paper industry, we must suit the remedy to the case and achieve the following two points: first, vigorously adjust the industrial structure of China's paper industry and accelerate industrial upgrading; Second, although the production capacity of small paper mills is low, it makes a great contribution to pollution. We must step up the elimination of backward production capacity, carry out rectification within a time limit for existing enterprises, and resolutely ban those that still do not meet the requirements after rectification. Through the integration and reorganization of existing small-scale enterprises, we can achieve large-scale production, greatly improve the industry integration, and transform the traditional extensive operation into intensive operation

according to the "2010 China paper industry development and investment profit forecast report" released by Shangpu consulting, the modern paper industry began to use wood pulp as the main raw material, ending the traditional dispute over vegetation, and realizing the integration of Forest Pulp and paper and circular economy. Recently, the state has issued the policy of eliminating backward production capacity, and the paper industry bears the brunt. The survival of small and medium-sized enterprises has become increasingly difficult, and the market space has gradually shifted to large enterprises with leading technology and scale advantages. After the strength of these enterprises increases greatly, there will be more capital to realize the upgrading of energy-saving and emission reduction technology, greatly improve the utilization rate of resources, reduce the consumption of raw materials, and achieve a win-win situation of environmental and economic benefits. Green papermaking is the only way for the development of the paper industry

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