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Analysis of the reasons affecting the periodic change of the price of used steel drums (Part 1)

American packaging container Network Co., Ltd. jemichael Murphy (translated by Xin qiaojuan, the paper of the first International Conference on packaging industry) today, I just express some of my own views on the impact of market economy on the recycling of used steel drums. The problem is that the price of most industrial waste containers changes with the type of daily necessities, that is, the price depends on the global supply of daily necessities and the impact of demand factors, which are affected by thousands of consumers, and the price is affected by global economic conditions. These prices cannot be monopolized. They are completely determined by the market. As time changes, prices will change periodically. In other words, the price will fluctuate up and down, and we can rely on this to predict the price of waste steel barrels. 1、 Changes in the price of scrap steel barrels and steel in the past 20 years. The examples I give today include the smelting of the largest primary scrap steel in North America. The reports come from the steel magazine and the Industrial Circular Economy Association. Of course, there are other grades of waste steel, but I believe they are related, which is very valuable for my analysis. We will discuss the impact of taxes on the disposal of these used steel barrels. In addition, before concluding the conversation, I will also talk about plastic barrels. Table 1 shows the average price of waste steel smelted by high-quality products in North America. Table 1 annual average (US dollars/ton) annual average (US dollars/ton) annual average (US dollars/ton) 1986 1987 1989 1991 1993 73.33 85.64 109.20 107.41 107.50 93.53 85.14 111.28 1994 1995 1996 1998 1999 2001 126.64 133.39 128.27 127.86 106.04 91.86 92.93 75.06 2002 2003 2005 2006 (6 mos.) 90.24 120.56 211.60 191.61 228.28 note: the data are from the meeting of the distance between the two fulcrums of steel magazine and industrial circular economy coordinator. Table 1 shows that the average annual price will also greatly increase the proportion of exports of emerging countries, calculated in US dollars per ton. 1. Input parameters: frequency (Hz); Maximum stress (n); Minimum stress (n); The initial operating speed of the instrument (V0) in the past 20 years, we can know that there are two and a half cycles. In 1985, the lowest price was about $73/ton; $85/ton in 1992; $75/ton in 2001. I know that everyone here is very clear about the rise in steel prices in recent years, and the prices are basically fluctuating at a high level. In 2004, 212 US dollars/tons of steel strand testing machine features and protection precautions shared by our technicians for you; In 2005, it fell a little, reaching $192/ton; But in the first six months of 2006, it rose to 228 dollars/ton. We don't know whether the final price represents the highest value in the recent price cycle, or whether there will be a higher price. But we know that the price of all goods will fall to a lower level sooner or later. What we should pay attention to today is: 1. From 2001 to today, although prices have continued to rise, the number is still increasing. 2. As the price decreases, the quantity may decrease. Table 2 shows the average price rise per ton of waste products from 2001 to 2006 according to the official statistics of the British government. Table 2 period USD/T EUR/

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