The hottest green pipeline calls for polyethylene

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"Green pipeline" calls for polyethylene special materials

with the development of China's economy, urban construction is going on all over the country

all kinds of buildings and urban construction are inseparable from pipelines, such as water transmission pipes, gas pipes, heating pipes, etc. These pipes were usually made of metal in the past. What should we do if the radial force of the gear pump is unbalanced in the process of using the hydraulic universal testing machine? But now plastic pipes are increasingly replacing these metal products and becoming a new force in urban construction

compared with traditional pipes, plastic pipes have the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, long service life, heat insulation, good insulation performance, no scaling on the inner wall, easy processing of flow resistance, no coating, convenient construction, installation and maintenance, and low energy consumption in the process of production and use. Therefore, they are called "green pipes", which have been widely used in new projects, and their own development is also very fast

plastic pipes have successively used polyurethane waterproof coatings. The price of raw materials used is much higher than that of other products, such as vinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, etc. among them, polyethylene pipes have developed rapidly due to their excellent properties such as low temperature resistance and strong toughness. According to incomplete statistics, there were 40 polyethylene pipe plants in China in 2001 and about 50 more in 2002. Many of these manufacturers directly introduce advanced equipment from abroad for production. It can be said that the starting point of polyethylene pipe production in China is not low, and there is little difference compared with foreign countries. However, there is a "soft rib" in the development of plastic pipes in China - the production starting point of domestic relevant plastic raw materials is low, that is, the development of polyethylene pipe special materials is still lagging behind, can not keep up with the development of polyethylene pipe production, and can not meet the needs of the pipe market

few varieties and unstable quality are the main problems of domestic polyethylene pipe special materials. As far as the real special materials for gas pipes are concerned, there is only Qilu Petrochemical 2480 in China, which is convenient for query, output and printing

the reason is that in terms of special materials for water supply and gas pipes, according to the standard practice, the raw materials must be classified before use. The classification work should be tested on the basis of development, which generally takes about 1.5 years. However, at present, the relevant polyethylene special materials developed in China have not completed this test in accordance with international standards. It is difficult to predict the level of the results and the extent to which they can meet the market needs. The bimodal polyethylene production technology introduced by Shanghai Petrochemical from abroad can produce advanced polyethylene pipe special materials, but the product classification will not be completed until 2004. This actually means that most of the polyethylene pipe special materials used in China in the past two years still need to be imported

due to the shortage of domestic special materials, a large number of raw materials are imported every year, which leads to the direct entry of foreign special materials in the process of changing the application of experimental machines, affecting the development of domestic special materials; Some manufacturers use other domestic non pipeline special materials instead, which will affect the product quality and thus the reputation of domestic pipes. China is in a period of rapid economic growth and rapid urban and rural construction, and there is a great demand for special materials for plastic pipes. Relevant manufacturers and scientific research institutions urgently need to speed up the development of polyethylene pipes and change the backward situation of plastic pipe raw materials in China

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