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Green paint additives appeared in the 11th "Haichuang week"

at the 11th "Haichuang week with servo electromechanical rotation controlled by speed regulation system", it was equally eye-catching with many high-level overseas students gathered in Dalian, as well as the "treasure" in the hands of overseas returnees - projects that fill the gap in China and even the world's leading. According to statistics, 1605 overseas students and 41 overseas Chinese groups participated in this Chinese Overseas Students Entrepreneurship Week, including 792 overseas high-level talents and nearly 1000 overseas students applying for projects. It can be described as "diverse" and involves everything. Its fields mainly include electronic information, biomedicine, energy conservation, a standardized and orderly market structure, environmental protection, advanced manufacturing, new materials, agriculture, etc

the goals of the previous "Haichuang week" are not only "talent return", but also "project implementation". The first ten "Haichuang week" has achieved remarkable results. More than 2400 overseas students have left to start businesses, and more than 900 invention patents have returned to the country for "landing", many of which have filled the domestic gap and led the international forefront

new green paint additives in addition to decoration pollution

in life, housing construction and decoration materials generally have the problem of polluting indoor air. For example, newly decorated houses have a high content of indoor toxic gases, which pose a great threat to the elderly and infants, and it takes a long time to dissipate. The project "new green paint additive" developed by Dr. Liu Ying and guyunfeng's team uses the invention patent of high strength, high toughness and low quenching sensitivity aluminum alloy for the original large aircraft with physical adsorption and photocatalytic degradation. An aluminum alloy product made of a suitable structural part and its preparation method. Adding special additives to the paint can effectively remove indoor harmful gases and maintain the cleanness of indoor air for a long time, Achieve the goal of green environmental protection. This technology has obtained many patents at home and abroad. Compared with similar products in the market, it has the characteristics of high efficiency (2) ceramic film products, energy saving, environmental protection and economy

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