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Green packaging and printing will gradually guide the transformation and upgrading of the entire industrial chain

the first consideration of green packaging and printing is the material factor. The material elements include two parts: basic materials, good product design, correct material selection and failure. Materials (paper materials, plastic materials, glass materials, ceramic materials, bamboo and wood materials and other composite materials) and auxiliary materials (adhesives, coatings and inks, etc.) are the material basis for the realization of the three functions (protection, convenience and sales) of the wooden bridge, It is directly related to the overall function and economic cost of packaging, production and processing methods, and the recycling and disposal of packaging waste

the selection of materials in green packaging design should follow the following principles:

(1) lightweight, thin, easy to separate, high-performance packaging materials

(2) recyclable and renewable packaging materials

(3) edible packaging materials

(4) degradable packaging materials

(5) packaging materials for natural ecological energy developed by using natural resources

(6) try to choose paper packaging

in addition, the shape of the packaging is a major aspect of packaging design, and the shape elements include the size and shape of the packaging display surface. If the shape design is reasonable, it can save packaging materials, reduce packaging costs and reduce the pressure of environmental protection. When considering the shape elements of packaging design, we should give priority to those geometries that save raw materials. Among various geometries, if the volume is the same, with the improvement of public awareness of environmental protection and building fire safety, the surface area of the spherical body is the smallest; For prism, the surface area of cube is smaller than that of cuboid; For a cylinder, when its height is equal to the diameter of the bottom circle, its surface area is the smallest

excellent packaging shape design should follow the following principles:

(1) combined with the characteristics of the product itself, make full use of the formal beauty principle of commodity shape elements

(2) adapt to market demand, carry out accurate market positioning, and create brand personality

(3) it is necessary to take light, thin, short and small measures to prevent excessive packaging, exaggerated packaging and useless

(4) draw inspiration from nature and innovate the design of packaging shape with simulation

(5) fully consider environmental and ergonomic elements

(6) actively use new processes and materials for modern packaging shape design

(7) vigorously develop the shape design of serial packaging

however, in order to truly meet the standards of green packaging, it is not perfect to rely only on the above points. The national human rights report of the U.S. State Department has entered its 39th year this year, and green packaging technology is also needed as a supplement. The technical elements mentioned here include equipment, process, energy and technology used in packaging design. The so-called green technology refers to the technical system that can reduce pollution, reduce consumption, control pollution or improve ecology

the technical elements of green packaging design include the following points:

(1) processing equipment and energy used should be beneficial to environmental protection and do not produce gas, liquid and light that are harmful to the environment. Heat, taste, etc. Pollution production process and production process do not use low energy consumption equipment for the environment. The processing process does not produce toxic and harmful substances

(2) strengthen the research of removable packaging design, so that consumers can easily disassemble packaging according to environmental protection requirements

(3) strengthen the research and development of green additives and green inks

combing the development track of the environmental protection printing industry this year, it is not difficult to find that green printing has become the biggest highlight, and the concept of green environmental protection has penetrated into the whole industrial chain, and gradually guide the industrial transformation and upgrading

the development of the printing industry has always been inseparable from the large market environment. For manufacturers, only when the printing and packaging technology is recognized by the market can it be regarded as the beginning of their own development. Judging from the current market situation, the complicated industry market needs a standard specification to guide, so that the market can develop faster and healthier

however, in terms of the current industrial development, the market prospect is still worthy of manufacturers' expectation. The market has only entered the development period in the past two years, and it still needs to be gradually improved to form a certain market scale. This is still very beneficial for businesses. Manufacturers can improve their own shortcomings in the development to adapt to the current market situation. With the application of green packaging printing in different fields, the scale of the industry market is also gradually expanding. The future market is also full of new challenges for printing manufacturers. Only by adapting to the new needs of the market can there be better new development

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