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Three dimensional interpretation of the past and present life of glass film speaking of glass film, many friends may still feel strange. In fact, the film has already infiltrated into our lives, just like a companion with the public. However, people brush past it day by day, but few people are aware of it

looking around, from the numerous commercial buildings and office buildings to the computers and, the film is no longer an unexpected presence. It is so low-key and appears so frequently in people's vision. It is close at hand. But do we really understand the film? What is a film? How can it change our lives

in the near future, we will present you with an interesting film world and uncover its mystery step by step by interviewing experts in the film field of island city

film is composed of a special material - pet, which is also a kind of material produced in batch by our laboratory machine manufacturer. It has strong durability, firmness, moisture resistance, high and low temperature resistance. After processing with different processes, it can become a film product with different properties, anti ultraviolet, anti riot, anti radiation, etc. Glass film is usually composed of single-layer or multi-layer pet interlayer. According to the technical director of Qingdao Daliang film industry company, a good film can even reach layers

according to the scope of use of the glass film, the common types are as follows:

building film

generally speaking, it is used for commercial buildings and other ldquo; Film on outdoor architectural glass in neonatal care. It can effectively reduce the maintenance and repair of buildings, reduce light pollution, publicize the company's logo, place commercial advertisements, ensure the safety of overhead glass, prevent radiation, etc

household film

is mainly used for glass walls, doors, windows, furniture and shower rooms. It can play the role of environmental protection and energy conservation, beautification of home, sound insulation, reduction of UV damage, protection of privacy, etc

automobile film

is applicable to side windows and front and rear windshields. It can effectively prevent sunscreen and heat insulation, riot and theft, and protect privacy

it is reported that at present, the film industry has been relatively developed in foreign countries, and the upstream manufacturers can achieve flexible operation to a large extent. Users can customize the film with unique personality and exclusive logo according to the needs of individuals or companies. It is believed that with the continuous enhancement of public safety awareness and public personal awareness, the oil leakage from the oil distribution system with glass film generally appears at the connection of buffer valve, oil return valve, oil delivery valve, oil pump and pipeline, and the prospect of the exhibition will be increasingly broad

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