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Lhasa launched a special inspection on standardizing the quantitative packaging and measurement of local products

Lhasa Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision of Tibet conducted a special supervision and inspection on the measurement of quantitatively packaged goods in more than 80 local products (real estate products) distributors in Yutuo road and Zhonghe international city from September 21 to 26, bringing a satisfactory end to the animation of quality monthly activities

a total of 9 Standard powder has about 2000 batches of local products (real estate products). Among them, efforts have been made to create a good business environment, including more than 120 batches of Ganoderma lucidum, more than 880 batches of snow lotus, more than 260 batches of Rhodiola, more than 170 batches of snow tea, more than 0 batches of ginseng fruit 18, more than 300 batches of Tricholoma matsutake (1) the Ministry of industry and information technology has established upstream and downstream cooperative mechanisms, and more than 100 batches of green rose. The inspection found that the quantitative packaging of most local products (real estate products) was in good condition. However, there are still some problems: the net content is not marked on the package of green Luohua, the marked net content of snow tea is seriously inconsistent with the actual net content, the measuring instruments (electronic pricing scales) in use in 20 dealerships are not subject to compulsory verification in accordance with national regulations, and the measuring instruments (electronic pricing scales) in use in 15 dealerships are overdue, etc

source: China Quality

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