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Li Binbin and Chen Zhilie talk about the transformation from made in China to created in China

at 10:00 on January 21, 2008, sina finance special appointment 2007 CCTV China economy annual person selection activity general director Li Binbin and Shenzhen Yanxiang Group Chairman Chen Zhilie visited Sina live studio to analyze the transformation from made in China to created in China

Li Binbin, general director of the 2007 CCTV Annual People's selection for China's economy (left)

Chen Zhilie, chairman of the board of directors of Shenzhen Yanxiang group (right)

Chen Zhilie's idol is flying Liu Xiang. What he pursues is speed and transcendence. Since 1993, Chen Zhilie led his team to create China's largest industrial computer enterprise in 14 years. In these years, Yanxiang group has defeated Siemens In the continuous surpassing of rivals such as American general motors, he has made his enterprise the first in China and the fifth in the world. He has led the trend of China's core computers. In 2007, Yanxiang formulated the national industry standard of China's industrial computers, which has been the best proof that made in China is moving towards the field created in China

the following is the interview record:

host: Hello, dear Sina friends. Welcome to Sina's live room. I'm Quan Jing, the host of Finance and economics channel

today, we are very lucky to invite two heavyweight guests from the 2007 CCTV economic person of the year selection. The economic person of the year will uncover the mystery on January 30. Today, Sina friends are lucky to have a face-to-face communication with these two heavyweight guests first. First of all, I'd like to introduce this young man sitting next to me. At first, I didn't see it, but he is director Li Binbin, the general director of the 2007 CCTV China person of the year selection. Hello, director Li

Li Binbin: Hello

host: say hello to Sina friends

libinbin: Hello, everyone

host: sitting next to me is Chen Zhilie, chairman of the board of directors of Shenzhen Yanxiang group. Hello, President Chen

chenzhilie: Hello

host: dear friends, we know that the theme of this year's 2007 CCTV annual economic person selection is the transformation from made in China to created in China. Just today, director Li is here. Let's ask you, why do you define the theme as such a theme this year

libinbin: the general theme 2007 is who is the backbone of made in China. This is the general slogan for the selection of China's economic figures of the year this year. Before we put forward this slogan this year, the whole CCTV economic channel began to focus on the international environment in which the whole made in China is located in August, and its international reputation was challenged and questioned. Under this big international background, we made a big move, believe in China, believe in made in China, such a large series of programs. At the same time, Li Changjiang, director of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, also accepted our exclusive interview for the first time. He was also shouting in the international business community: believe in China, believe in made in China. Then this theme got a big continuation. In the selection of this year's economic figures of the year, we succinctly positioned a major melody and a major note of China's economic development in 2007 as "made in China". Because of the guiding requirements of CCTV, for the whole economic circle of China, the thinking of the annual figures of the economy over the years and this deposition, we believe that in 2007, we should not only find and advocate made in China, but also lead a direction on the whole screen, that is, we should find the backbone of made in China, which is a spirit or a state, Or it is a sprout or a trend that has really begun to appear

what is the backbone made in China? We believe that the creation of China is a good situation that this country, China's economy and this nation need to present in the world economy in the future after being made in China. Only by holding the right to create and lead in their own hands, can China's economy truly become the wind vane of the world economy, truly let China's economy move towards the stage of the world economy and give full play to their own strength. Therefore, it is not only an inevitable phenomenon, but also a historical trend, from the Chinese system such as made in Sichuan to created in China. In the future, China's economy will stand on the world economic stage and give full play to its voice with the attitude of China's creation. It's just that the media is more forward-looking or shouted this slogan a year or two in advance, but in fact, China's economic community, as well as the business community, has long been moving forward and developing along this path

host: Mr. Chen, please introduce to you what is made in China and what is created in China in your eyes

Chen Zhilie: made in China and created in China, I have summed up my personal point of view. If you are made in China, but you still have "three have one first", it should be created in China

"three haves", the first is to have independent brands. Second, it has its own independent intellectual property rights. Third, you have your own invention and patented technology. Even for an industry standard, such as a national standard or even a global industry standard, you have a formulation position, which is called "three haves"

"first" means that you are a leader in this industry, in China, in the world, especially in the world

if you have these "three have one first", in your industry, I think you should be well deserved as "created in China"

host: Director Li, do you agree with President Chen? What do you think of "created in China"

libinbin: entrepreneurs may talk very concretely and practically. Because such understanding and standards determine the future development direction of the enterprise, which is a very practical idea

for the media, we have observed many enterprises and states. We always believe that made in China and other created in China are higher-level competitive situations and models. For China's economy, made in China has reached a very high level in the past 30 years of reform and opening up. Whether from the perspective of its type, quantity, category, the pattern of participating in world competition, or the degree of competition, it has penetrated into all aspects of the world. Even an American said that they could not live without Chinese products for a year. This is a very direct description of made in China. Of course, I don't know their attitude, whether it is praise or criticism. But in fact, it reveals a phenomenon that Chinese products have penetrated into all aspects of the lives of world consumers. This is a description of the state of made in China

How can made in China lead the trend of the world economy? Or create greater economic value? Or let China's economy lead the direction of the world economy more healthily and actively in China's creation? This requires most domestic manufacturers to put forward the "made in China" for the - 80 ~ + 130 ℃. China's creation is not just about making money, or having pricing power, or having greater ability to make money. I think that China's creation of a greater direction is a benign construction of China's economy. For example, the high-tech enterprises emerging from this year's selection, such as President Chen, have led the development of the entire industry and moved towards a higher level of competition, which is led by the Chinese people. This kind of Chinese creation promotes the progress of the whole world computer industry pattern, which is a benign promotion not only for China, but also for consumers in the world

there are also some environmental friendly enterprises. Environmental protection is not only for China, but also for the world. China's environment has become better, which is a contribution to the world. We learned for the first time that the Chinese government and Chinese enterprises have done so much in environmental protection. They have turned waste into treasure. They should have done subtraction, added in the middle of subtraction, and made so much profit. This makes us feel that this is a good direction for China to create the future. It is very healthy, and its promotion of the world economy is benign, lasting, and very strong, It is not a short-term grass cutting and predatory creation. It is China's creation of the future that may develop in the direction of the international community and the future, and make a good contribution to our economic community or the world economy

Chen Zhilie: I especially appreciate what director Li said. As for an enterprise, what director Li said, in addition to being able to complete the most basic function of making money for the survival of the enterprise. Since "created in China" is mentioned, you are a leader in the industry all over the world, which is respected by everyone

I was born in the 1960s. People of our generation have always commented that there is some flavor of idealism and heroism in it. My experience is that in addition to completing the most basic functions of the enterprise, we let the world, whether white or yellow, respect you and respect you for our Chinese creation, which makes us feel very fulfilled

everyone has his own dream, but if you want to complete your personal dream, I don't think it's anything. But I think if you can represent a country, represent a country, stand tall in the forest of nations in the world for its image and national interests, for the Chinese nation in the country, conquer through Chinese creation, gain respect, and lead the development of this world industry, I feel that people only live for a lifetime, which is of great significance and special value

host: President Chen's words just now well explained to me that this experimental machine can measure the fatigue value of the test piece. They described the heroic dream of people in the 1960s. In fact, there is another interesting thing. Just now when I was chatting with President Chen, he and I used a very simple standard to distinguish between made in China and created in China, that is, profit

chenzhilie: This is what director Li said just now. I will continue to elaborate. I personally think that there may be some situations in which China creates more gross profits or its profit margin than the enterprises made in China. Each enterprise has different reactions. Created in China, because your technology is leading, you have the pricing power of the market, and you are the first to promote things in the world. If the enterprise keeps normal, the profit situation of the enterprise should be much different from that of just you don't have your own brand. In a relatively low-end situation, there will be a big difference

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