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LGD plans to supply OLED panels to Chinese smart manufacturers

lgdisplay (LGD), a large panel manufacturer in South Korea, has announced that it plans to sell small and medium-sized OLED panels to Chinese smart manufacturers such as oppo. Originally, LGD OLED panels only supplied wearable devices such as applewatch and LG Electronics "urban" smart watches. Now the company wants to attract Chinese smart manufacturers, and I don't know whether it and Samsung Electronics Co Order grabbing

South Korean media business Korea quoted an unnamed panel industry source on the 5th to report that the OLED panels supplied by LGD to applewatch and urban were all supplied by 4 in Paju, South Korea. Made by the 5th generation flexible panel factory, this production line can also produce hard panels commonly used in intelligence

lgd used to insist on providing only small and medium-sized IPS LCD panels for mobile devices, but now it is reported that it wants to supply OLEDs for Chinese smart factories, and the business direction has obviously changed significantly. After providing OLED panels for gflex released by LG Electronics in early 2015, LGD has not supplied OLED panels for any smart devices so far

appleinc Previously, it was said that the supply chain would be decentralized. It was said that the OLED screen supplier of the second generation applewatch would be shared by LGD and Samsung. At the same time, there is news that Apple intends to expand the use of OLED, and the new iPhone will consider adopting OLED screens next year. If LGD does not step up its steps to enter the field of small and medium-sized OLED panels, it is likely to lose the order of apple, its largest customer, in the future

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