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LGD has been approved to build an OLED plant in Guangzhou. It plans to invest 30.5 billion yuan in the next three years. Under the pressure of BOE actively expanding production capacity, the Korean government felt the pressure. Yesterday (the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the notice on launching the pilot work of the first use of insurance compensation mechanism for key new materials). On the 26th, it finally approved the OLED panel plant plan of LG display (hereinafter referred to as LGD), a board subsidiary of LG Group in South Korea, in Chinese Mainland, This is also the first time that the South Korean government has approved the transfer of OLED panel technology overseas

Wall Street reported that the Ministry of industry, trade and resources of South Korea approved LGD's plan to set up factories in the mainland yesterday. In July this year, LGD announced its plan to produce OLED panels in Guangzhou, hoping to save labor costs and meet the demand of overseas markets for OLED TV screens. However, due to doubts about technology outflow, the plan was reviewed by the Korean government for a long time

the Ministry of industry, trade and resources of South Korea said that the condition for LGD to build a factory in the mainland is to use more South Korean materials. The downstream packaging industry driven by the express industry has exceeded 10 billion yuan and equipment, and to increase follow-up investment in South Korea and strengthen the safety inspection process. LGD plans to invest 5 trillion won (about 30.5 billion yuan) in Guangzhou in the next three years, accounting for 25% of the company's OLED investment in the next three years

BOE's Chengdu and Hefei production lines have been mass produced in advance recently. In the third quarter global large-scale panel survey of IHS Markit, it beat LGD, which has remained the top for many years, and jumped to the first place in the world

China business daily pointed out that LGD has recently cooperated closely with Guangzhou. At the end of November, LGD launched its second OLED visual interactive experience project in the world in Guangzhou tower. Lu Xiangde, President of LG display, said that it would speed up the popularization of OLED in China through the 5-star service standard project. Lu Xiangde also pointed out that the company's OLED panel production capacity can reach 1.8 million pieces this year, which is expected to expand to 3million pieces next year and 6million pieces in 2020

source: the part that can recover in industrial and commercial time is called temporary deformation (called anelastic deformation)

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