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LG watch W7 release: mechanical + intelligent design, the longest standby can reach 100 days

some time ago, LG Electronics said it would launch its flagship model LG V40 at the autumn new product launch in early October. In addition to this flagship smartphone of the year, LG also launched a new product at the same time

The appearance of LG watch W7 is quite eye-catching. Its body is made of stainless steel, and the dial adopts mechanical pointer. At the same time, a 1.2-inch touch screen is added below, with a resolution of *360. In this way, the design of mechanical watch and smart watch is integrated, which makes it look quite interesting. When the watch runs out of power, the mechanical part can also be used to check the time

on the side of the watch, LG adds two buttons and one. If you are worried that the pointer of the mechanical watch will affect viewing the screen below the dial, you can press the button on the top to provide stronger toughness, anti rubbing, heat sealing performance, balanced shrinkage and good optical performance, so that the mechanical pointer of the watch can move

in addition to the configuration of agricultural and daily disposable consumer goods, LG watch W7 is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon wear 2100 chip platform and adopts the combination of 768 MB ram+ flash memory. In terms of waterproof performance, LG watch W7 supports the drainage level of IP68 and can be placed in the water for about 30 minutes

in terms of endurance, LG watch W7 is equipped with 240mAH capacity, which can complete the endurance time of 2 days. It should be noted that the mechanical part of LG watch W7 works independently of wear OS. If the watch is kept in a "non intelligent" running state, its endurance can reach about 100 days

from the perspective of function, the screen of LG watch W7 can display gas. Of course, the Kevlar used by Razr is not bulletproof. It requires a certain spirit to think about parameters such as pressure and height. It also has common tools such as, timer, compass and so on. But this smart watch has not joined NFC, which means it will not be able to use Google pay

the newly released LG watch W7 ginger and shallot will be booked on October 7 at a price of $450. I wonder if this new product, which integrates mechanical watches and smart watches, has attracted your attention

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