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National Radio Monitoring Center: actively respond to the needs of IOT and other industries

with the increasing abundance of wireless communication products, the detection and certification of wireless products has gradually become a topic of concern in the industry. The National Radio Monitoring Center testing center was established by the national radio testing center in April, 2009. It is one of the testing centers with rapid development in China. Recently, the people's IT channel interviewed Xue Yonggang, deputy director of the national radio monitoring center, on radio detection, supervision and future development trends

wireless products all need to be tested and supervision needs to be strengthened

: is device management device in detection

Xue Yonggang: when it comes to incoming detection, our device management is not incoming detection. Our device management is about whether the frequency used by your device meets or does not meet the spectrum management requirements of our country. We don't care. We don't care about the concept. For example, whether we join public communication or not, as long as it is used in the Chinese market, we need to compare it with us for detection. We call it model approval. Model approval is not for communication, but an international practice, which exists in any country and in all developed countries, such as the United States and Japan. It mainly involves the use of radio spectrum resources, national security and personal safety

the reason why radio equipment should be managed is that radio products will produce electromagnetic waves. If their technical indicators are unqualified, it may lead to abnormal operation of other businesses, problems with aircraft navigation, and major national safety problems. The entry of foreign products into China and the sale of domestic equipment in the domestic market must comply with the relevant provisions of China's radio administration. It does not mean that the radio administration determines how the entire national system determines, such as import and export. When you go abroad to declare, the fourth is whether you bring a radio station into the country. This is the customs administration, so the entire national system is a complete set of proprietary system for radio equipment

: there are many wireless products in the market, many of which have been tested, and some may have not been tested. How do you supervise them

Xue Yonggang: we only do testing business, and market supervision should be decided by government departments. At present, the Shanzhai machines have not been tested. It is not clear whether it is the radio management department or the industrial and commercial department. There are 5800 radio managers in tiny places in the UK, including 4000 law enforcement officers, but we can't do it yet

: do we detect WAPI products

Xue Yonggang: in 2003, our laboratory obtained the only CCC testing authorization qualification for WAPI products from CNCA. Of course, due to the indefinite delay of mandatory CCC certification of WAPI products, the test traffic in this area has a certain impact. The national standard of WAPI is a protocol standard for wireless local area security, which is the same as the content of foreign WLAN standards. So far, our organization is the only monitoring organization with WAPI testing capability authorized by the national information security certification center of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine. At present, since wireless local area devices are not enforced, only WAPI commissioned test services are provided. We are very happy to see that new materials have been recognized as the cornerstone of the high-tech industry in the 21st century by the world this year. Many enterprises have commissioned a large number of new materials. In the future, if the State enforces them, they must carry out compulsory inspection

research and develop advanced equipment to actively respond to the needs of emerging industries such as 3G and IOT

: what new testing equipment was added to the testing center of the national radio monitoring center in 2009? What will be the focus of the work in 2010

Xue Yonggang: in the past five years, the non mobile radio business has grown rapidly, including IOT, RFID, UWB products, wireless video, etc. the size of our steel block is 12.7 × twelve point seven × 19mm3 some products have already started to correspond to the product testing standards and testing facilities and means in the development stage. This year, 3G business has officially started, but in fact, we have built detection equipment for three 3G standards as early as two years ago. At present, we can do three standard tests

: do we have any support and services for the development of emerging industries proposed by the country, such as IOT, sensing the world, and smart earth

Xue Yonggang: we have invested more than 120million yuan in 3G. For RFID, we have invested 20million yuan, and the test platform is independently developed, which has been supported by the 863 major project of the Ministry of science and technology. This device is under development. If it is successfully developed, it will solve all the problems of RF and protocol. It should also be said to be a great innovation in the field of point measurement. For new businesses, we will increase investment in R & D and talent training

introduce high-end talents and formulate industry standards to adapt to business development

: now the wireless technology of communication technology is developing very fast, and there are more and more kinds of wireless equipment products. How can our center ensure that our technology keeps up with the development of technology and the speed of equipment launch

Xue Yonggang: the products have been very diversified in the past two years. Therefore, we have introduced a large number of doctors and masters to carry out basic research and Research on the detection methods of some new products. At present, there are more than 100 people in the testing center, including more than 10 R & D personnel, all of whom are highly educated. There are the following problems: staff, some of whom also have working experience in Huawei, ZTE or large foreign research institutions, mainly doing system integration business to improve our testing efficiency. We also need to make an issue of standardization. After the formation of management documents, we will form standardization immediately. Standardization is the support for the whole industry. We also have a special standardization drafting department, and there are three national standard drafting tasks, which are all very influential

in addition, we can see that instruments and meters are controlled by others, because the high-end instruments and meters are all abroad, and we are also doing some development work. Now it is only the primary stage

: what is the specific function of standardization

Xue Yonggang: the standardization of our department is closely related to our business, not to do everything. We only do radio detection business. We need to apply for this business and increase investment. Now we need to invest energy, money and material resources to study industry standards. Our standards should speed up the testing standards and regulations. Both Airbus and Boeing plan to continue to increase the assembly volume to reflect the connection cycle of market demand, so that the passing rate of products will be improved, which will help to improve product quality

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