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National safety production and industrial injury insurance test questions

1 "Safety first, prevention first" is the consistent policy of safety production in China. General Secretary Jiang Zemin______ The three important points with broad market prospects made in also emphasized in the instruction: "we should firmly establish the idea of safety first, and any enterprise should strive to improve economic efficiency, but we must always keep the instruments clean, and the parts and accessories are complete and safe, subject to the principle of safety first."

A.1997 B.1998

2. The labor law of the people's Republic of China is the first basic law in China to comprehensively adjust labor relations and determine labor standards. The time of implementation of this law is: _____

a. July 5th, 1994 B. January 1st, 1995

3 The mine safety law of the people's Republic of China is the first basic law of labor protection in China. The time of implementation of this law is _u___u

a. November 1st, 1992 B. May 1st, 1993

4 The current work-related injury insurance system is formulated and implemented in accordance with the labor law and other laws and regulations. The Trial Measures for work-related injury insurance for enterprise employees was issued in the document of Ministry of labor [1996] No. 266, and the implementation time is: _____

a.august 12, 1996 b.october 1, 1996

5 The identification of the degree of disability caused by industrial injury and occupational disease of employees (gb/t16180-1996) and the Trial Measures for industrial injury insurance of enterprise employees are implemented at the same time, which is the first industrial injury assessment of disability in China

a. national standard B. ministerial standard

6 The labor law stipulates that employers must establish and improve the labor safety and health system, strictly implement the national labor safety and health regulations and standards, and educate workers to prevent accidents in the process of labor and reduce occupational hazards

a. labor safety and health B. safety culture

7 The labor law stipulates that workers engaged in special operations must go through_________ And obtain special operation qualification

a. three level safety education B. special training

8 The labor law stipulates that if an employer forces workers to work in violation of rules and regulations and take risks, resulting in major casualties and serious consequences, personnel will be punished

a. investigate criminal cases according to law B. give administrative sanctions

9 The labor law stipulates that the state develops social insurance undertakings, establishes a social insurance system, and establishes a social insurance fund to enable workers to____________ And get help and compensation

a. old age, illness, injury, unemployment, childbirth B. old age, illness, work injury, unemployment, childbirth

10 According to the provisions of the labor law, workers enjoy the prescribed labor rights, and should perform their obligations: complete labor tasks, improve vocational skills, and perform _u_____, Observe labor discipline and professional ethics

a. labor safety and health regulations B. enterprise rules and regulations

11 The labor law stipulates:___________ We should establish and improve rules and regulations in accordance with the impact experimental machine law to ensure that workers enjoy labor rights and perform labor obligations

a. employers B. people's governments at all levels

12 The labor law stipulates that trade unions at all levels shall safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers according to law and supervise the employer's compliance with labor laws and regulations. Any organization or individual has the right to _______foracts in violation of labor laws and regulations

a. accusation and accusation; B. Criticism and suggestions

13 The labor law stipulates that workers must strictly abide by safe operation procedures in the process of labor. Labourers have the right to _u______whenthe management personnel of the employing unit command against rules and order risky operations

a. refuse to implement B. criticize suggestions

14 The labor law stipulates that the labor safety and health facilities of new, reconstruction and expansion projects can be removed, and the filter must be designed, constructed, and put into production and use at the same time as the main project. In this regard, China's safety and health terminology is called _____

a. three at the same time B. three don't let go

15 The labor law stipulates that employers must provide workers with labor safety and health conditions in line with the provisions of the state and necessary _____

a. labor protection articles B. health allowance

16 The labor law stipulates that the State implements special labor protection for female workers and underage workers. Underage workers refer to_______ Workers

a. at least 16 years old and at least 18 years old B. under 16 years old

17 The labor contract shall be concluded in writing, and the necessary terms in terms of occupational safety and health are: ______

a. labor protection and working conditions B. work clothes and health care supplies

18 According to the provisions of the labor law, labor contracts that violate laws and regulations and labor contracts concluded by means of fraud and threat are invalid labor contracts; The invalidity of the labor contract shall be determined by______ Confirm

a. employment agencies&

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