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The State Railway Administration: regulate the administrative licensing of special railway equipment

the State Railway Administration: regulate the administrative licensing of special railway equipment

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the State Railway Administration conscientiously implements the requirements of the reform of the administrative examination and approval system. While simplifying administration and delegating power, and greatly reducing railway administrative examination and approval projects, the State Railway Administration strictly regulates the administrative licensing implemented in accordance with the law, adheres to the combination of decentralization and management, and focuses on railway rolling stock Transport infrastructure and other key licensing matters that directly affect the safety of railway transportation, and standardize the supervision and inspection of licensed enterprises

"import license for design, manufacture and maintenance of railway rolling stock" and "examination and approval of production enterprises of railway transportation infrastructure" are administrative licensing matters set out in the administrative regulations of the State Council "Regulations on railway safety management". In the process of promoting the reform of the railway administrative examination and approval system, the State Railway Administration organized the revision of these two permit implementation measures, implemented the reform spirit of simplifying administration and delegating power and reducing examination and approval, and combined with the actual situation of the railway, significantly reduced the contents of the examination and approval catalogue of railway transportation infrastructure, reducing the original 148 items to 50 items, a decrease of 66.2%; The administrative examination and approval of railway transportation infrastructure not listed in the catalogue shall be canceled; The type test, application assessment, disassembly inspection, technical evaluation and other development and test work of the railway rolling stock design sample originally organized by the licensing authority are entrusted to the enterprise, which greatly shortens the time of licensing examination; The original 20 licensing implementation rules are merged into 5, and 70 annexes are merged into 45, and the appointment processing is realized, which greatly facilitates the licensing applicant

at the same time, adhere to the combination of release and management, strengthen the supervision during and after the event, and strictly standardize the supervision and inspection. First, clarify the basis for supervision and inspection. The measures for the administration of supervision and inspection plans of railway special equipment administrative licensing enterprises were issued to clarify the basis, main contents, procedures and work requirements of supervision and inspection, so that there is evidence for supervision and inspection. Second, strengthen supervision, inspection and guidance. Formulate the implementation plan of supervision and inspection, determine the annual inspection plan and the specific procedures of the inspected enterprises, prepare the supervision and inspection manual, strengthen business guidance, and clarify the main body of supervision and inspection. Third, standardize the supervision and inspection process. It is required to show relevant certificates to the enterprise, inform the inspection arrangement, announce the inspection requirements, and express the integrity discipline before the supervision and inspection; These structures make it impossible for light to pass through. In the process of supervision and inspection, strictly refer to the supervision and inspection manual, and take the forms of data access, on-site verification, etc. to find problems in time and make records; After the supervision and inspection of plastic granulator operation in a wide range of areas, adhere to the written feedback of problems, comprehensively analyze the situation, and form an inspection report to inform the inspected enterprises. For the enterprises with unqualified items found in the supervision and inspection, it can also resist the light and acid rain when used in the car, supervise and urge the implementation of rectification measures and follow-up review for the problems. Fourth, the inspection results are published quarterly. Actively accept social supervision, absorb opinions and suggestions from all aspects, and constantly improve the supervision and inspection manual and relevant working systems. Fifth, consciously restrict administrative power. Strengthen the on-site verification of administrative license, expert review and collective intensive development of oil and gas chemical industry, oil storage, integration of Forest Pulp and paper, automobile manufacturing, ship building, mineral resources processing, agricultural products processing, pharmaceutical and other industrial reviews, minimize discretion, at the same time, strengthen discipline inspection and supervision, explore the establishment of a clean government risk prevention and control mechanism for administrative license, and put power in the cage of the system

actively adapt to the needs of the rapid development of railway transportation and technical equipment. While keeping a good check, the railway administrative licensing department insists on combining supervision with service, and by strengthening communication and coordination with relevant parties of administrative licensing, it will try its best to help enterprises solve practical problems. On the premise of compliance with the law and strict implementation of the standards, the company strengthened services and timely studied and handled 14 administrative licenses, including the urgent purchase of equipment by China Railway Corporation and the maintenance of EMUs on Beijing line S2; Actively promote the research and development of new railway products, actively track the test progress of crh6 intercity multiple units, master relevant information, strengthen the publicity and implementation of regulations, and carry out business consulting, which has created conditions for supporting enterprises' independent innovation and handling licenses in accordance with the law

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